Our range of experience is difficult to list, but here is a basic menu of the most popular services we offer.

Cracked Screen Replacement

Fast and Easy Screen Replacements more

Water Damage Repair

We get your wet phone dry.

Buttons and Speakers replacement

Not working power or home buttons can be frustrating, but we are here to help.

Software Problems

OS restores and upgrades

Microphone Problems

We can make you heard once again

Front and Back Camera replacement

Why even have an iPhone that can’t take photos?

Back Cover Glass Replacement

The way the phone looks from the back is just as important as the front.

Digitizer Replacement

There’s no reason to run your fingers across broken glass. more

LCD Replacement

If you can’t see the birds, you can’t fling them at pigs.

Button Replacement

Sometimes the click of a button is VERY satisfying.

Professional LCD Replacement

A laptop with a broken screen is a battery powered paperweight. Let us turn it back in to a computing device.

Water Damage Recovery

Did you spill your coffee while surfing Facebook? In most cases we can get the computer working again.

Keyboard Replacement

Start typing again

Virus Removal

Is your computer acting funny? Is it telling you you need to pay the FBI to get back access? Your worries can be alleviated with a visit to our store.
Is What you need not listed? Give us a call. We can do it!